Problem is - Your Dentist Can't Help You Get a Permanent Cure for Your Swollen Painful Gums

If you take your swollen painful gums to your dentist you can be sure of getting some sympathy. While he's great at many things - your dentist can't cure your gums. He will offer you some expensive and painful procedures aimed at removing deep-seated plaque - and he may suggest some surgey to repair your gums - this still won't fix the problem for good - even though it will cost you plenty.

The swollen painful gums are usually caused by plaque build-up that accumulates out of sight under the gums. It often takes years to get to this stage. The process is mostly through gradual deterioration.

Your mouth is full of bacteria that is responsible for bad breath and the production of plaque. The bacteria continually deposits a sticky film over your teeth that hardens into plaque. So unless you're doing something that kills the bacteria - then your gums are going to deteriorate again and again.